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Bringing people together in Derbyshire

This section outlines what the county council is doing with its partners to bring people together and build community cohesion.

Bring People Together logoCommunity cohesion is the glue which binds communities together. This is strengthened when people get on well together, respect each other and feel they can influence decisions in their area. It can be weakened when people feel that they do not enjoy the same life opportunities as others.

Fortunately in Derbyshire many local people have told us that community spirit is still strong. However, people worry that this is diminishing and recent evidence suggests that fewer people in Derbyshire feel that people from different backgrounds get on well together than in many other areas of the country.

Partners in Derbyshire feel that bringing people together in local communities is a vital part of improving overall quality of life in Derbyshire. They have produced a strategy which outlines how they will address this issue. This can be found in the related documents section below, along with the latest action plan.

As part of our work to improve community cohesion, organisations across Derbyshire are working together to encourage more local people to get involved in community events.

The latest calendar of events and links to other useful web pages are attached to this page.

If you would like to add any of your own events or activities to this calendar, please email