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Employment and skills

It is generally accepted that employment is the best route out of poverty for people of working age and as such it is vital that those people who can work have opportunity and access to employment.

It is not enough to ensure people have access to jobs. The partnership must work together to improve the prospects for those trapped in low-wage low-skilled work that doesn't enable them to make ends meet. Working must be an option for everyone capable of doing so.

In April 2015, there were 6,870 people in Derbyshire aged 16 to 64 claiming job seekers allowance, 32% less than at the same time in the previous year (10,096). The county's unemployment rate of 1.4% in April 2015 is below the East Midlands (1.8%) and England (1.8%) figures. At a district level there are stark differences: Chesterfield had the highest rate (2%) and Derbyshire Dales the lowest rate (0.6%). At the very local level, 44 of the county's 177 wards have unemployment above the national average.

Our aim is for Derbyshire residents of all ages to have the skills required to access good quality employment opportunities.

To achieve this aim we have set out the following objectives:

  • Influence those responsible for delivering and/or funding employment and skills interventions to ensure provision meets the needs of individuals and employers and is delivered in the areas of most need
  • Raise the aspirations to ensure that people from disadvantaged backgrounds have the opportunity to access further education and employment opportunities.