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Child poverty

Child poverty occurs where children grow up in households which lack resources to obtain the types of diets, participate in activities, and the living conditions and amenities which are customary within society. These resources can include access to money, access to healthcare, a decent and stable home, high quality education, or having a parent or guardian with life skills.

The reality is that many families have to make tough choices day after day, sometimes throughout their lives, between having to heat their home, feed their children or pay the rent. In 2011, 18.2% (3.5 million) of children in England were living in poverty. The overall rate in Derbyshire is just below 15%; although this varies significantly at the local level. The highest rate in Derbyshire is to be found in Staveley (33.1%) whilst the lowest is in Walton (3.7%).

Our aim is to improve the life chance of children living in poverty.

To achieve this aim we have set out the following objectives:

  • Support parents and carers to give children the best possible start in life
  • Improve children's readiness for school and early years outcomes
  • Close the gap in outcomes for the most vulnerable children and children in care
  • Raise the aspirations of young people and their families
  • Ensure that young people have the skills they need for life and work