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Anti-poverty champions

The Derbyshire Partnership Forum is committed to supporting people in hard times. Working with partners, we will continue to deliver a coordinated and strategic response to the growing levels of poverty affecting communities in Derbyshire.

The current changes to welfare benefits are likely to negatively impact on those living in poverty and those at risk, making partners roles in tackling poverty even more important. Embedding the impact of action on poverty is an ongoing and challenging objective to meet and we can't do it alone. Collaboration and joint working is crucial to tackling poverty so that efforts can be combined, prioritising the needs of the poorest and protecting those most at risk of poverty and exclusion.

It has been agreed that key to the delivery and implementation of the Anti-poverty Strategy would be to appoint anti-poverty champions, who would be best placed to support the Partnerships aim of reducing poverty in Derbyshire. These roles would play an important part in highlighting key issues, coordinating activity and promoting a corporate approach to champion poverty issues with key partners.

Anti-poverty champions may be expected to actively:

  • Encourage involvement and commitment from each and every segment of partner services to participate in the fight against poverty and social exclusion
  • Engage with partners across organisational boundaries to improve methods of communication and look for new ways of working that fight poverty and social exclusion
  • Challenge stereotypes and stigmas attached to poverty and social exclusion and challenge the attitude that little can be done to alleviate circumstances in deprived communities
  • Give voice to the concerns and needs of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, providing narratives to real issues at play in local communities
  • Promote sustainable agendas which look to add value in communities, and taking a long-term approach to developing quality of life, social well-being and equal opportunities for all
  • Share ideas, good practice, success and innovation across the county. Look to develop networks and facilitate joint approaches which can ensure resources are disseminated and allocated where they are most needed.

If you think this could be you and want to get involved in the work that the partnership is doing, please contact Rob Lowe email: or tel: 01629 538341.